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  1. sudito: From what I can tell, the settings for Active Threat Defense apply to both ATD and Ransomware Protection. I did not see a way to whitelist apps for just the Ransomware Module. Perhaps I am missing something ... ? Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  2. Oinky: I just logged into Central just fine, using Chrome, which is my default browser. Sometimes there servers go down for a bit. You should try again. Good luck and have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  3. Sent to Devel

    Final update. There was a version update of Bitdefender this week that resolved my two issues, or at least it has for the last two days. I have asked that my support ticket be closed, with my gratitude. It is great to have Bitdefender working at 100 percent on both of my computers. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  4. Sent to Devel

    Yet another update. This morning I turned my computer on and Bitdefender was very slow to load, but when it did finally load, the Security Widget did display, without any activity being shown, and Notifications started logging. When I restarted the computer, it reverted back to no Security Widget and no Notifications logging. I then installed the latest August Windows updates for Windows 10 x64 Pro, and rebooted as requested by Windows after the updates installed. When the computer rebooted, the Security Widget displayed, with activity, and the Notifications logging was active. I restarted the computer again, and it reverted back once more. Running Bitdefender as an Administrator had no impact. Whatever this glitch is, it is most apparently rather minor and it is apparently “trying” to resolve itself. Apart from that, Bitdefender seems to be working just fine. I hope this helps to identify the cause. Thank you and have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  5. @Robbi To the best of my knowledge, Bitdefender does not support command line entries. One of the Bitdefender Forum gurus, will be able to respond conclusively to your question. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  6. +1 Also add Advanced Threat Defence whitelisted applications. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  7. Sent to Devel

    Yet another update. I received lengthy instructions from Bitdefender Technical Support to uninstall MBAM, BDTS2018, use CCleaner, update video drivers, and then reinstall BDTS2018. The issues that I reported with this one computer were not resolved as a result of spending most of the afternoon following their instructions. As requested, I have sent Bitdefender Technical Support a new Support Tool .zip file for their analysis. It is a major pain having to reconfigure Bitdefender each time it is reinstalled. We, as customers, have repeatedly requested that BD enhance their product so that we could export and import our custom settings, exclusions, etc. I hope that we will see that improvement in the coming months. It would be such a welcome enhancement to their fine product. I will keep you informed. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  8. Sent to Devel

    Just a further update. I did a system scan this afternoon on the affected computer. At the end of the scan, I had the option to "Show Log". I selected that, and the scan log was there, BUT, there was nothing in the notification window to indicate that a full scan had been done. No entries whatsoever there since the reboot, after reinstallation, last week. Also, I found out today that BDTS2018 had wrecked my Sandboxie 5.20 program. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled and, as a part of the reinstallation, I had to disable Bitdefender to install a low level driver. Windows warned me that Bitdefender protection was turned off, but there were no BD "Notifications", within BD. When I did the same thing to my laptop, BD showed "Critical" notifications, so really it appears to be the Notification module that has the issue, rather than "logging" per se. The Security Widget is still not working. And just for those who have made complaints about BD Customer Service, I have, to date, had two communications with them in the past week and they are actively investigating this issue. To my mind, that is acceptable customer service, and it is what I have experienced in the past, on those few occasions when I have had need to call upon their expertise to solve an issue. Thank you and have a great weekend. Regards, -Phil
  9. Sent to Devel

    Ticket # Assigned: 2017071419100001 System File Checker scan was negative: "No resource integrity violations found. Have a great weekend. Regards, -Phil
  10. Sent to Devel

    Yet another update. I happened to notice that BD was not logging any incidents since after the initial reboot of my Maingear Shift tower yesterday after the BDTS2018 install, which was an abnormal bootup. It got to Windows, but only barely, with a black screen (no desktop icons or color) and the task bar at the bottom that had the Windows button and Task View button on the left and a BD icon on the right, nothing else. Whenever I hovered over the task bar, the mouse arrow changed to a spinning circle. The Windows button did not work. Brought up the Task Manager with shortcut key combo, and everything seemed to be running fine. Pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del. I did not get a restart option, but I did get the option to sign off - the only active user account on this computer is mine, so that was odd. I selected that and then logged in normally, and all seemed to be fine, except no Security Widget, until I noticed today that BD had not logged any events since after the reboot yesterday morning. Scans run fine and exceptions can be configured. The program appears otherwise fine. This afternoon, after the "no logging" discovery, I decided that I must have a "borked" installation. I went to Control Panel, Uninstall Bitdefender, and selected uninstall and then reinstall and keep my settings. That appeared to go successfully, although most, if not all, settings were not kept. Again, the Security Widget was there and logging was normal. Then I restarted the computer. Bootup was normal this time, but the Security Widget was gone and could not be turned on, and all logging had ceased. I have opened a Support Ticket with BD, and submitted the Support Tool information. I will provide the Ticket Number when I get one (it's Friday night there) and keep this topic updated as to how it is resolved. Given my malware removal responsibilities, and that I have recommended BD to my local clients, I did jump the gun and install BDTS2018 when the opportunity arose to satisfy myself that BDTS2018 was stable. There are absolutely no issues with my laptop. Logging and Security Widget are working as advertised on it, so there is obviously some incompatibility with this tower. I am off to run a System File Checker scan on the tower now, though I only ran one last week to eliminate that as the cause of another minor issue with other software that I was able to subsequently resolve by myself. Have a great weekend. Regards, -Phil
  11. Sent to Devel

    Just a further update. I just finished installing BDTS2018 on my Dell XPS Studio 1645 laptop, also running Windows 10 Pro x64, Build 1703. I followed the identical uninstall and installation routine as I did with my Maingear Shift tower. The security widget is working just fine on the laptop. I am confused. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  12. Sent to Devel

    dbrisendine: I have set Windows to display all BD notifications on the Task Bar, and I do see the BD icon after a while appear. Computer is running Windows 10 Pro x64, Build 1703, fully updated to "Patch Tuesday" of this month (July). All security software (Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2) was removed using their uninstall tool before removing BDTS2017 using the BDTS2017 removal tool, and then installing BDTS2018. After rebooting the computer, Malwarebytes Premium was reinstalled and the appropriate exclusions set for both programs. The Security Widget is controlled by General Settings within BD, and when I turn it on, the Security Widget does not appear and the next time I launch BD, it is turned off again. This was an issue with BDTS2017, except in that case, the when you turned the button, it would immediately turn off. That issue was subsequently corrected. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  13. Today I upgraded my BDTS2017 to BDTS2018. I used the BDTS2017 Uninstall Tool. I must say the new installation went much more quickly than past installations. My problem is that when I turn on the Security Widget, it does not appear. The button stays in the "On" position in the General Settings, until I close BDTS2018 and then reopen it, only to find the Security Widget has gone back to the "Off" position. Minor issue, but I like the Security Widget. Thank you and have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  14. @koyot Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. Bitdefender installers don't like other anti-virus products being installed, even its own. If you have BD Anti-Virus, you should use the Bitdefender Removal Tool to completely uninstall the BD AV program. If you have a competitor's product, you should follow the instructions that they have for completely uninstalling their program, reboot, and then try to install BD Internet Security. It definitely sounds like something is interfering with the BDIS installer, and my guess is that the issue is another anti-virus program already installed; or, remnants thereof. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  15. Try again after 30 minutes. There is a lockout after so many attempts to access your Central account unsuccessfully. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil