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  1. I tried what you asked. I have used the Change SQL Connection Password option, and my connection string now looks like this: <ConnectionString><![CDATA[DRIVER={SQL Server};DATABASE=em3;SERVER=scepdc;uid=bitdefender;pwd=CGMNKHLMOOBHHNECOOOANICGM FDAEFHG;]]></ConnectionString> I restarted the BitDefender Management Server service. However, I am still getting the same error : [PID:00008020][TID:00007560][2013-02-26-14:56:15][~][EM3SERVER ][ERROR]: CEnterpriseServer::InitAfterStart - connecting to database failed, error code: 5
  2. Hi Cristi As I mentioned in my OP, I am using a dedicated SQL server, not an SQL Express instance installed by BitDefender. I understand the connection string because I am both an SQL Server DB Admin and a .NET developer developing applications that run on SQL Server. And as I have said, it did work this way until recently. Also, connecting from SQL Server Management Studio with the exact same settings I can access the database no problem. I have even written a small .NET application just to test it out, and I can connect from my application and query data out of the tables in the em3 database. It's just BitDefender Management Server that is refusing to connect with that connection string.
  3. Hi I have been running the Management Server component on my PDC with a dedicated SQL server for months now. Recently, it started giving me errors. After investigating the problem today, I discovered that the BitDefender Management Server service is starting, but it never starts accepting connections. I discovered via the log file that it is failing to connect to the database, but I can't figure out why. I have tested via SQL Management Studio that I can log in with the specified uid/pwd combination, and that I can access the em3 database using that uid/pwd combination. Please advise what I can try. The service refuses to connect to the database. I have attached my server.xml file and a cut down version of the bdemsrv.dbg file. server.xml bdemsrv.log