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  1. I think we all know that two-step verification is so impressive till you need to recover your account if you lose your device. Then the extreme security measure it gives you kind of screws you over like ransomware of your making :(. I do not want two-step authentification with cell phones of any type the only thing I like is the YubiKey, and it is expensive yes at about 40 dollars the US. It will not have outage issues and has tons of cool features. Please google it.
  2. I agree with silencer or suppressor Bomber man :). The Box should be chilling and help you with the other solution for protection.
  3. I have the same issue, and I just accept it as part of the quirks of the system for Bitdefender's Box interface. I accept it because I am just Thankful Bitdefender offers this solution for the protection for the IofT because otherwise, we would have NO protection on any of our game consoles or in-house Thermostats. I look forward to Bitdefender Box Version 2.0, and I know things will get better and better :). In the mean time Thank you Bitdefender :).
  4. Hello, Ramen Wayne :). I think since the Bitdefender Box works by replacing your gateway on your gateway I would look for an open port if any on the Netgate. Then go into the settings and see if you can disable the DHCP settings OR the other answer could be the LINKSYS WRT 3200. I think again you need it to be your gateway here and your DHCP server. I also would take advantage of calling Bitdefender for their expert advice Wayne. Good Luck
  5. I got the Bitdefender Box and I had trouble installing the product because of the problem being that I could never log in from the Bitdefender Box application to change the DHCP settings from on to off. The credentials to my router were correcter but unfortunately despite running the Bitdefender Box application from two different Iphones. I could not login to the Router. The router is the Verizon FIOS model which after all these problems. I did hard resets completely approximately four times. To make sure that the router login credentials were at their default so that the admin name and password could not be any different. Still I was unable to log in. I then had to just use used the Bitdefender Box application after this to get to the DHCP. I then went to a seperate computer laptop to disable the DHCP through the web browser based router's GUI I then rebooted the router. Then after all that was done I just clicked through and said that all the configuration changes had been made and then the Iphone Box App finished set up. I have a Fire TV from Amazon and a Roku. I patiently waited for the first traffic report and device detection to appear. The problem I have over eight devices plus those two media streamers on my network. I do not understand despite a whole day that the bandwith detected of 15 megabytes never changed. It also did not pick up the two media streaming players. The Roku and Fire Tv players. I then tried to remove the box from the Network and the box refuses to leave. I click on remove the box and the yes and goes right back to the Bitcoin Box Activity screen and now it states it is anazlyzing traffic again and the results will be available within a few hours? I decided ok leave this alone so I did so. Then I waited over eighteen hours and this is still the state my program is in on the Bitdefender Box Program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Very Much, Rich W
  6. Dear BitDefender, If your Machines are infected with Malware and you want the cleanest rescue CD possible do you sell one that is professionally authored and burned by you? I please hope that you do because I really would like to buy one. Thank You, Rich
  7. I can not seem to get my computer to download the latest anti-virus updates on BitDefender 2013 this is a recurring problem. Please advise on what to do if anyone has any ideas thanks in advance.
  8. Dear Bitdefender Communities, I was wondering if you feel your program has been compromised is there a way to check it? Thank you very much. Thanks, Rich
  9. I paid for the professional Bit Defender install which to be honest I was not that Happy with and I was thinking well it was only forty clams US dollars and it was well worth having someone remove the three other anti-virus programs of the past that I had on my PC. Everything was fine because I have had INCREDIBLY EXTENSIVE MALWARE PROBLEMS in the past. I have tried all the following programs Avast,Norton,F-Secure and Kaspersky that was the only one as powerful as BitDefender just not as much. BitDefender is the best hands down and then I realized some setting on the computer would change with myself making those changes and this has happened before and they are the most obvious enabling the system remote access and control in advanced control. Then I go and look at the Windows fire wall it has webkit installed all the way to public access and opera installed to public access. I can not delete these rules even when I clicked on admin settings change windows firewall admin settings. I simply could not just remove them. Then I paid out the insane 99.99 clams United States dollars after reseting the firewall to default and repairing the firewall with a reset to default. I then after two repairs ran BitDefender in rescue mode and still no effect. I did notice the strangest thing that after the malware cleanup I kept having a dialog that when I shut down the computer that the local client quit without expectation. I read up on this and it has sometime to do with windows remote desktop client. Can someone please explain what is happening here and where I can turn to help? Can I get another malware session for tech support at half off because what ever was done it seems my computer is worse than ever? Please help me with any advice you can and Thank You in advance. Sincerely, Rich Walston
  10. Hi Everyone, I am new here and I have had a ton of Malware problems and my last hope is Bit Defender so here I am. My scan came up clean except for two files that the antivirus scan states they are too compressed to be scanned? Does anyone know how to address this issue and deal with it? Thanks for any information you can provide. Sincerely, Rich W