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  1. no, it wasn't, the download site is still blocked and the file still get auto-deleted, but never mind, I'm gonna switch to another AV software anyway.
  2. are you guys done investigating my case yet? It's been 10 days already.
  3. hello, Here's the result Thank you very much for your time.
  4. Hello , The website is not currently is blocked by btedefender, I can download any file that is released after Nov 10, however, the files that are released from Oct 23 to Nov 5 are bocked, undownloadable, and auto deleted if I copied these files from another computer. You can check by trying download these files. I can give you 2 examples: CABELA┬┤S DANGEROUS HUNTS 2013 TRAINER and VIKING; BATTLE FOR ASGARD TRAINER. I tried to upload these files for you, but these files are customized by cheathappens and doesn't allow me to do so. Thank you very much for your time.
  5. Gen:Variant.Symmi.1420, this is a false positive, and is also a false postive. Please fix. Thank you.