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  1. Thanks a lot for your reply and attention! Best regards!
  2. Hello, I'm testing BitDefender Antivirus for Mac version 3.3.8904. Every time I start up my computer an some some minutes later the BitDefender Antivirus for Mac updates its database automatically. Many times I keep working for some hours and new automatic updates don't occur. The only way I have is doing a manually update On the other hand, if in the meantime I restart the computer I'll get a new database update automatically. Doubt:Is there a way to configure BitDefender Antivirus for Mac to receive hourly updates automatically and not just in the moment system is started up? Thanks in advance!
  3. This is an undetected phishing site that uses Cielo to deceive costumers: For a safer Internet always!
  4. This is a sample of a new phishing site still not detected by BitDefender TrafficLight: This phishing tries to deceive users of a very popular Brazilian bank named Ita├║. Thanks for your attention. I hope to be helping you to make Interner safer for all!
  5. This is a new and undetected phishing site:
  6. This is a very new malware link I got on my email account: I hope this can be included on the blacklist of BitDefender TrafficLight. Thanks!
  7. This is an undetected phishing site: lizacao.obrigatoria.por.cliente.area.s gado.pela.atencao.atualizacao.obrigato ria.por.cliente.area.segura.restrita.s omente.aotitualr.obrigado.pela.atencao .php?1&hash=VSdCcq Thanks your attention!
  8. This is a Phishing site that tries to deceive users of a Brazilian bank:
  9. This is a phishing brazilian site not detected yet by BitDefender TraffiLight: Uploading this malicious address to Virus Total give the following results: Regards!
  10. Thanks a lot for including this phishing site - - in the BitDefender blacklist. According to Virus Total just BitDefender and PhishTank are detecting this page as a phishing site: Regards!
  11. This is a phishing site from a Brazilian bank: I hope this phishing site be included on the blacklist as soon as possible. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I've just installed BitDefender TrafficLight Extension for Safari. The status of update is showing: "Undefined". Please, I'd like to know: How is the update process of definitions of bad sites on BitDefender TrafficLight when it is used as an extension for Safari or another browser like IE, Firefox or Google Chrome? Thanks a lot in advance for the people who can clear up this question for me!