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  1. I am installing BD Management server 3.6 on a Window 2008 R2 servers. At the end of the install it fails with the following message "there is a problem with this windows installer package." Its a brand new server with no previous security solution or database. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks BDnet
  2. We have a large opportunity with Cloud Security for Endpoints. The prospect wants to be able clone the deployment using Ghost or other imaging software. Can Cloud Security for Endpoints be cloned? What are the steps? Thanks BNet
  3. We have a couple of client machines that seem to be having Bitdefender problems. The machines were running very sluggishly. When we went to examine the running processes it was “epcsrv.exe” (Endpoint Client by Bitdefender) that was hogging all the CPU cycles. We have tried rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling the Bitdefender client, with no improvement. We have temporarily uninstalled Bitdefender and reinstalled MSSE on those systems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Bitadel
  4. Hi I have a customer who is deploying Cloud Security for Endpoints remotely through the console few installs were successful but majority is getting error "Deployment has failed with error code: 1000". The previous AV solution has been completely uninstalled. We have tried manual install on few of the computers that generated the error and it installed successfully. Any one have a solution? Thanks Bitadel
  5. Hi, We are having an incident when installing on a Windows SBS server. They previously had Bitdefender for File Servers with the Management console installed on the same server. We uninstalled both from add/remove programs, removed all entries from registry and deleted from program files and common folders. Rebooted the server attempted to install Cloud Security for Endpoints by downloading the full install package, it failed immediately with the following “product is already installed”. Double checked the registry no BD entries, ran BD uninstall tools and reboot. Same error “product is already installed”. We cant figure out where it still contains BD references on the server. We have checked the windows, system 32 and drivers folders with no references. We have ran the support tool and BD support is analyzing it. Has anyone on the board experienced this incident? Thanks Bitadel
  6. Hi Catalin, Thanks for your response but .... 1) The policies are set to postpone reboot so it should not have rebooted the computers. 2) Computers have been rebooted and it keeps asking for reboot again. 3) I have few computers today again asking for reboot. They were rebooted several times yesterday. Best, Bitadel
  7. Didn't know if I should start thread so I am posting as its the same topic. I have a customer that we just deployed CS4E and now several of the computers are getting prompted to reboot after the update. They reboot then at the next update it asks for a reboot. Its been few days and they are still getting prompted. Has anyone experienced similar issue? I have opened a ticket with BD support they are requesting the logs. Thanks Bitadel
  8. Hi Money's Friend Bitdefender found the problem to be with the BD Traffic Light module. Once we renamed the file the issue on the computer disappeared. BD will analyse the issue further and provide a fix. For a workaround we have renamed the file. Sorry I didn't see the post earlier. Best Bitadel
  9. Joe thanks it worked. Best, Bitadel
  10. Hi Joe3, Have you checked the Windows Security Center if it reports antivirus is installed? I've had similar issues before and found that the Windows Security Center was still reporting that an AV was installed. I followed the instructions below and it worked. 1) Right-click on My Computer 2) Click on Manage 3) Click on the plus sign(+) next to Services and Applications in the left-hand column 4) Click on Services 5) Find the service called Windows Management Instrumentation, right-click on it, and choose Stop. 6) Open My Computer 7) Double-click on Drive C (or whatever drive Windows is installed on) 8) Double-click on the Windows folder 9) Double-click on System32 10) Double-click on WBEM 11) Right-click on the Repository folder and click Delete and remove it 12) Close the My Computer windows and return to the Windows services screen using steps 1 - 4 shown above 13) Find the service called Windows Management Instrumentation, right-click on it, and choose Start. Restarting this service will rebuild the repository folder information. 14) Restart your computer Good Luck Bitadel
  11. Hi One of my new deployments of Cloud Security for Endpoints is having an identical issue where the internet is very slow and had similar ping test results after installing the product on each computer. I also have one policy with only AV enabled no firewall, no antiphishing, no data protection. Once we remove BD on the workstation the internet is working great. We have also opened up a ticket for this incident. Thanks Bitadel
  12. One of my customers is having the same issue with Cloud Security for Endpoints where he can't open FTP using windows explorer. It works through IE, FTP apps and command prompt. Through windows explorer it connects and asks for the credentials but it times out. The firewall is set to allow "Windows Explorer Traffic on FTP" and I also created a rule that Catalin had posted. Still doesn't work. The only way is to turn off the Bitdefender firewall which allows the FTP to open. Any help would greatly be appreciated this issue is stopping the customer to deploy to rest of his network which is over 100+ nodes. Thanks Bitadel