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  1. I wanted to bump this to see if John had ever received a solution to the problem... July is ending and I still see no post to help me or John... Georgia????
  2. Let's see John...took me three months to get a response. You posted two weeks ago...Hmmm! The only solution I found was to uninstall Bitdefender and go with Kaspersky...worked for me! I hope they can find a solution for you... I still have Bitdefender on two of my machines...just not the one with DVDFab
  3. I cannot believe that it took over three months for someone to respond to my original question. I am not the only person using DVDFab 9 having these issues. The only way I was able to get the program functional again was to remove Bitdefender and purchase Kaspersky. Kaspersky has it's own demons and causes other issues...odd thing...I can disable K and use the programs and then re-enable. Never had that option with Bidtefender. I have used Bitdefender on and off for over five years with different licenses...but what really took the "cake" for me was being ignored for over three months.
  4. Absolutely amazing the quality of responses one gets on this board! Back to Kaspersky for me.
  5. Posted about a month ago, that BD 2013 wouldn't let DVDFab 8 or 9 function on my desktop. On my laptop, it blocked downloading from a server, where I get data from clients. Even once I put the program called "Extender" in the trusted category it wouldn't let me download the data. Blocks other programs from proper function as well. Many of my business apps are customed by a company called RCS (Radio Computing Systems). Extender is a program that lets me download music information for numerous client stations. Once Extender and GSelector were effected, I no longer had use for BD. I cannot believe how intrusive this software is. Had to go back to Kaspersky in order to restore functionality to effected programs...Wow!
  6. Not sure where to post this, because I am not sure which module is creating the issue. DVDFab is for backing up DVD/Blu Ray discs, so you can save the originals and beat up on the backups instead...However, since installing Bitdefender Internet Security 2013, I can rip the movie to the HDD, but if I want to shrink it down to burn back to a BD25, Bitdefender won't let the program get any more than 15% into the shrink, before DVDFab stops working. Have done this about a dozen times with the same result. Only solution was to uninstall Bitdefender...then DVDFab works fine. The makers of the program are aware of this issue, seems that many others are having the same problems, whether with Win 7 or Win 8. They are trying in the labs to figure out why, but cannot. So until then, I have BD on two machines and my third machine is back to my Kaspersky IS 2013 license until it runs out. I am hoping someone can shed some light... Thanks
  7. I am now having this issue, since upgrading my Wireless router. It is annoying to have this pop up every 10 minutes, every day. If Bitdefender won't fix it, I will. I just received a free subscription to Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite. Perhaps that is a solution
  8. Happening on my Windows 7 systems now as well...??????
  9. Normally, when I open my email program, it logs on to my email server and either download my mail, or tells me there is no mail. As of today, when I open the email program it locks on "logging on to mail server" and does nothing else, or if it does log in, then sits there saying you have 3 messages and never downloads them. This has only happened as of today, and only on my Windows 8 machine. I can get email on my laptop, which has Win 7, but even then, the email system is slow. This was NOT the case last evening, when I was last accessing emails. Something in today's update mucked up my Win 8 machine. If I disable Bitdefender, altogether, my mail system works normally.