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  1. Over the last few days, the BD sign-on screen keeps popping up for no apparent reason. Even after I close the window (without signing on) the screen will re-appear a short while later. I believe that this started with the latest update that required a system retstart. Any ideas? BD 2016 Total Security Windows 10
  2. Just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Active Threat Control and Intrusion Detection cannot be activated. I have tried a "Repair" twice with no result. All features worked fine in Windows 7. Any ideas?
  3. I have spoken to phone support twice, started a support ticket (2015113001320001) and posted here twice. I have a BD subscription for 3 devices in which all 3 devices are used. I just got a new laptop and purchased another subscription (order #44173594) but all the purchase did was add more time to my current subscription without adding any new devices. In talking to BD support (twice) I was told both times that they would change my current 3 device subscription to a 5 device subscription and subtract 60 days (due to new payment). I told them to please go ahead and each time I was told this would happen in "24 to 48 hours." It has now been 9 days and nothing has been done. Meanwhile I haven't been able to use my new laptop since it has no AV protection. PLEASE BD, can you just adjust my account to reflect the increased devices so that I can install and activate BD on the new laptop? Thanks!
  4. Forgot to mention my ticket number in the original post it's: 2015113001320001
  5. Old user: I know how you feel! If I can't get protection for my new laptop soon I'll be forced to abandon BD and use another Virus protection solution. I've been a loyal BD customer for many years but apparently they are unable or unwilling to help their customers. In the end, it is the customers that make or break any business so I hope they improve.
  6. I have been a BD customer for years. I have a 3 device license that already has 3 devices activated on it. Just purchased a new laptop and purchased another license on the "Black Friday Sale." Instead of giving me another device, all the new purchase did was add time to my current license. I can't activate BD on my new laptop so it is currently unprotected. Spoke to customer service and they told me that they would upgrade my license to a 5 device license in "24-48 hours"; this hasn't happened. I really need to get BD installed and activated on the new laptop; can anyone from BD help? Thanks
  7. Ro, I think you are right on this one! I don't use My Bitdefender to update, but nevertheless the update button on My Bitdefender keeps spinning. This is happening on my Windows 7,8.1 & 10 computers. Hopefully they will sort it out soon
  8. When I sign on to My Bitdefender and go to "My Devices" the update button is spinning and never seems to stop; no matter how long I leave the page open or if I sign off, the button is still spinning. If I click on the spinner, it says "Updating Device." Anybody have any ideas?
  9. Thanks Ro!! Your suggestion worked. The laptop now appears on the device list. One thing is strange though, the update icon (spinning circle with arrows in the middle) is spinning and has continued to spin even though the window has been open for hours. Thanks again
  10. Hi Rohugh, No joy after 24+ hours; the device still isn't listed. I'm surprised that there seems to be no way to "add" a device manually. The window hasn't been open continuously during this time period; indeed the computer was shut down overnight.
  11. Just got a new laptop (Windows 10) and installed BD TS 2015. When I go to My BD the device isn't listed; my other devices are listed. I want to add the laptop to my Son's Parental Control profile but can't because it isn't listed. Long time BD user on three other computers. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. I have been using Private Internet Access with BD for about a year. Recently (about 2 weeks) I cannot access the internet with through PIA. If I turn PIA off I can access the internet no problem. On the PIA forum it seems that this is a common problem with BD. Does anyone have any ideas? As I said I have used both programs together with no issues until recently.
  13. The problem has returned with the error message: "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" Looks like we need a more permanent fix!
  14. Here's how I fixed the problem: Go to Device Manager Highlight the Bitdefender AVC Hv Right click and select update driver Select Browse My Computer for Driver Software For the location select C:\Program Files\Bitdefender Make sure the box for Include Subfolders is checked Select Next You will get a message regarding the driver not being approved or something like that; just ignore the warning and install the driver Problem fixed and did not return on reboot!