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  2. I had the same problom in windows 10 on a laptop which has a dedicated nvidia graphic board with a intel I7 procesor. When i set up in nvidia control panel on global settings to use exclusive the dedicated graphic board some programs stopped displaying (BitDefender, stickynotes). I changed the settings on individual programs to run on integrated graphics and all went well.
  3. Have just installed BD 2017. Typed in the activation code and I get advised "This code is restricted in your region and can't be used to activate a subscription on your account. Please contact your vendor for more information" I am presently living in Norway and I am English so I purchased an English version. The previous copy of 2016 didn't care that we'd moved to Norway, why should this one. We will be moving back to the UK - will I have to wait until then to activate it ??
  4. I was looking into the Box, but it seems the specs are super weak. Today's network must provide 5GHz + gigabit bandwidth. I'm really liking the specs of the Norton Core. What is a 'Total Security subscription'? Is it simply Total Security suite, or is it completely different? Scott
  5. All requests to (and possibly other sites) fail with Connection Reset in Google Chrome 59 and Internet Explorer 11 (same on previous versions of Chrome). Everything works fine in Firefox 54 and Microsoft Edge 40. I've traced the problem down to Scan SSL. Disabling this makes everything ok again. Adding the site to the Web Protection whitelist while Scan SSL is enabled has no effect. Please fix it, thx.
  6. I purchased Antivirus Plus 2017. In Central my subscription is active, but when I try to add my computer, I get the message "The key was already used to generate a subscription." I have logged out and reinstalled, but am having the same issue.
  7. Old Bitdefender Free was doing this and this latest one is STILL doing this nonsense. It just seems to randomly (usually when I test detection with EICAR or AMTSO) it enables file extensions to be visible and you can't disable it at all. You can click "File name extensions" in Windows folder and it just does nothing. I could only disable it after uninstalling Bitdefender Free. So incredibly annoying.
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  9. eli3902101 that worked for me and Bitdefender 2017 and three clients running Windows 7
  10. Bonjour, depuis un petit moment après avoir installé un thème personnalisé sombre sur mon Windows pour travailler, Bitdefender ne cesse d'ouvrir ces 2 fenêtres qui prennent toujours le focus et qui est très désagréables pour travailler: Nouvelle image bitmap (5).bmp Voici l'état de ces fenêtres après environs 1 heure de travaille sans les fermer: Nouvelle image bitmap (4).bmp J'ai déjà essayer de: - Réparer via l'installateur - Désinstaller puis Réinstaller - Redémarrer l'ordinateur Je vous est déjà contacter par ticket mais sans réponses donc je vous recontacte sur le forum. Merci de votre aide cordialement. Killian Navré pour les fautes, j'ai écrit en vitesse. Bonne continuation
  11. I didn't know BitDefender had a Free Edition. I've been using Avast Free for years, I wonder how it stacks up. Might have to try it.
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  13. Hello Sorin, Tech support had me run the repair of Bitdefender. When I setup the bank sites specifying to ‘automatically open Safepay’ along with the general setting of ‘Automatically open websites in Safepay ‘ it worked’. One thing to note: after the repair and subsequent setup, SafePay acted bizarre at first (appearing to hang and bringing up a SafePay screen with a “mixed up” format) but then settled down and is now functioning normally (possibly after the re-boot). I wanted to bring this to your attention because it seems that there may be issues with Safepay in Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. I wonder if anyone else has noticed these types of issues with SafePay. Thanks, HT
  14. Hi Geri, damit die Formulare und Kontoauszüge in SafePay angezeigt werden, müssen diese PDF-Dateien sein. Haben diese eine andere Dateiendung dann werden sie mit dem eingestellten Standardprogramm geöffnet
  15. Hallo @Mysterium, diese Funktion gibt es in Bitdefender Mobile Security. Du findest es unter den Einstellungen der App-Sperre, es wird als "intelligentes entsperren" angezeigt
  16. Hi. i update from IS2014 to IS2015 and cant find paranoid mode. Help me plz!
  17. I'm trying to enable paranoid mode on Windows10 and there is some circular logic preventing it. In BTS2017 dashboard, I click on settings, and there is a button "Paranoid Mode" - marked Off - I click on it to turn it ON - which causes a popup However when I click on "Go to System Settings" there is nothing in there to allow to turn on Bitdefender Notifications. What am I missing? thanks
  18. I came to login to Bitdefender Forum and it wanted to use Google Authenticator - I've been using Authenticator for some time - so I brought it up and entered the code, I tried a couple of times and it kept on saying Invalid. So in the end I had to press "opt-out of account verification" I'm happy with Account Verification - and coming to bitdefender forum because I'm nervous of some other issues. How do I enable my bitdefender forum for Account Verification ?
  19. Hi DrZeto, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 will definitely protect against any Ransomware. Please refer to the link below to see how Antivirus Plus 2017 protects you from any Ransomware. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 protects against even the most dangerous e-threats without affecting your system’s speed. This means you get pure performance, with no slowdowns. With Autopilot on, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 automatically makes the best security decisions to safeguard your data, your online transactions and your privacy. See complete features. Cheers!
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  21. Hi, I'm about to order Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017, but I have 2 questions. 1. Will the Antivirus Plus 2017 version protect against Ransomware, such as Cryptolocker and Wannacry? If yes, how exactly does it protect the system from beeing encrypted? (reason I'm asking is that I have seen many different "stopping" techniques, everything from actually preventing the virus from encrypting files in the first place, which is a good solution, to only be able to manually place "important" files in some kind of protected state to avoid encryption, which demands a lot of manual work and seems like a very poor solution) 2. Will the Antivirus Plus 2017 version also protect against anti-exploit programs (like those nasty Flash zero-day attacks), protect against potentially unwanted programs and other junkware, and also protect my web browser and plug-ins? Thanks in advance
  22. j'ai rebooté la machine le probleme semble regle ouverture inferieure à 3s merci
  23. Bonjour, De quel icône parlez-vous ? Celui présent sur le bureau ou celui présent dans le systray (dans la barre des tâches, vers l'horloge) ? Combien de temps après le démarrage du système, attendez-vous pour ouvrir l'interface de Bitdefender ?
  24. Bonjour, Merci pour votre retour. Vous avez raison, je pense aussi que le choix des termes en français, est trompeur. Je vais remonter cette problématique aux personnes concernées pour voir s'il est possible de trouver des terminologies plus appropriées.
  25. Hi Arthur, You can allow punk buster through your Firewall. To do that:Click your START buttonGo to CONTROL PANELClick SYSTEMS AND SECURITYClick ALLOW A PROGRAM THROUGH WINDOWS FIREWALLMake sure the following programs are on the list:Battlefield 3PnkBstrAPnkBstrBIf any of those three are not listed, you need to add them. Click ALLOW ANOTHER PROGRAM. Then click BROWSE to look for the programs. Add them then SELECT them from the list and say OK. You will then see them added to the firewall list.These are the default paths of the above three programs:Battlefield 3:32bit: C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\bf3.exe64bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\bf3.exe**PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ON A 64bit System. It may be different on 32bit. Do a search on your system for the ones in C:\Windows directory** PnkBstrA:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PnkBstrA.exePnkBstrB:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PnkBstrB.exe Cheers!
  26. Bj, Je viens de refaire config et lorsque je double click sur icone BD il faut + de 20 secondes pour faire apparaitre le tableau de bord. Ma config: win10 pro 64 memoire 16Go démarrage sur ssd Merci pour votre aide Bruno
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