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Full Version: Bitdefender Is Corrupting/blocking Valid Software Setup
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Bitdefender 2013 antivirus is blocking and corrupting the installation of the software DVBViewer Recording Service ( Adding the setup exe to the exclusive list doesnt help anything. It is detected as "MIDAS3".
Read this post just for information

Cloud Technology
QUOTE (ONT @ Feb 4 2013, 05:50 AM) *
Read this post just for information

Cloud Technology

And? I read that post before I created mine. What does it help? I still need an answer to my problem.

- Why cant I disable Bitdefender for a short time for installing? The button on/off seems to do nothing, because even if turned off, it still finds the ""virus"" and deletes/corrupts the installation.

- Where is the support ticket where I can mail a fals alarm, so they would fix it.
edit/add: Just you know, I have TURNED OFF antivirus, on access scan, and firewall. This does nothing. Bitdefender still false detects via this stupid MIDAS3 detection. It seems it cannot be turned off, whatever reason for, which is ridiculous. If I want to turn off my virus scanner completely, I want it to happen, like I can do in ANY other virus scanners on the market.
Hello knuddelz,

Reboot your PC in "Safe Mode" and from there:

-go to Administrative Tools<Services<choose Bitdefender Virus Shield<startup type set to "Disabled"<Apply<OK.

After that reboot your PC in Windows Mode.

Bitdefender is possible to totally neutralize only through a Safe Mode.

It may be related to AVC and not to RTP, disable it and then check. And also kindly share the snapshot of the detection.
I am having this issue as well. Bitdefender is blocking PowerDVD 11/12/13 updates and cannot be disabled.
vsserv is blocking the install and cannot be bypassed or disabled.

I have gone as far as disabling every checked item in the menu and sub menu with no success.

Best work around is to uninstall Bitdefender completely, install the app or update you want, and re-install the program.
I signed up to the forum today to post about this problem.

I just tried updating Evernote but it is asking that I close Bitdefender Virus Shield before continuing.

Is the only way to temporarily disable Bitdefender so that I can continue to install Evernote to reboot the PC in Safe Mode??

This is very inconvenient when I have lots of applications open at certain places.
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