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Full Version: Contextual Scan Anomalies
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Windows XP SP3
Dell Dimension 3100
DD AV 2011
Engine 7.37053

Just attempted a deep system scan and all my excel and word files which are password protected were ignored by the scan.

I then tried a contextual scan on each of those files individually. Intrestingly BD asked for the password and then immediately asked for it again. If the password is entered THREE times the scan starts and BD reports on the status of the file. This condition was replicated for EVERY password protected file.

BD worked OK on the last DEEP SYSTEM SCAN (24 March 2011) so I suspect this may have something to do with updates sent by BD but cannot be certain.

Reboots and reinstalls do not solve the problem.

I note that this is the second time I've encountered this specific issue with BD, the last time was with BD 2010 about 6 months ago (see my previous posts)
Dear Forum Users

I have now had a reply from BD support to inform me that WORD and EXCEL password protected files are no longer scanned automatically by BD2011 unless a password is provided. This is the same behaviour as archive type files. It seems this is a very "new" feature - it must have been implemented since 24 March 2011 which was the last time a full scan of my system was performed and when those type of files were scanned automatically by BD.

I don't know how other users feel but I regard this as a highly retrograde and illogical step. I keep client financial information on my computer and nearly every EXCEL file has a different password for security reasons. As these files are no longer scanned by BD when I do a DEEP SYSTEM scan it renders BD virtually useless.

In any event, I have no explanation as to why if I run a CONTEXTUAL SCAN on an individual file it asks for the password 3 times before performing the scan.

I have recently upgraded from BD 2010 and paid for 12 months subscription. Sudden withdrawal of features from a product I purchased in good faith via automatica updates (and without my permission) leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Windows XP SP3
Dell Dimesnion 3100
BD 2011 Pro - version
Engine 7.37053


I have just posted regarding BD 2011 no longer scanning password protected EXCEL and WORD files without the password being provided. For me this makes unattended DEEP SYSTEM Scans virtually impossible due to the number of password protected EXCEL files I have on my system. This has rendered BD 2011 virtually useless. This is caused by a "recent product update" (since 24 March?) by BD and is now a new "feature" of BD.

I also reported that if I performed a CONTEXTUAL SCAN and get prompted for the password, I am then prompted 3 times for the password before the SCAN will run. After the scan has run the BD dialogue box will then report "no threats found" along with a green tick mark.

However I have now looked more closely at the actual logs and they report that the file has NOT been scanned as it is password protected. But the password has been supplied and the d9ialogue box reported "no threats".

Why am I being prompted 3 times for the password? And why is the results report in the log file different nform the result reported in the BD dialogue box?

Mihaela M.

I will close this topic because the customer received the answer via e-mail.

Thank you!
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